Consumer Confidence

National Consumer Confidence

National consumer confidence continued to rebound in February 2020, according to the Conference Board of Canada’s survey-based index of consumer confidence.

Overall consumer sentiment rose in all regions of the country.

When asked about job prospects over the next six months, the number of respondents expressing pessimism fell in favour of a greater number of respondents expecting more opportunities. Consumer sentiment still points to an overwhelming sense of stability.

Most consumers expect that their household budget will remain stable over the next six months. The number of respondents expressing optimism moved up slightly while there was a small decline in the number of respondents expecting their budget to deteriorate over the next six months.

Sentiment about making major purchases, like a home or a car, was mixed in different regions across the country. Overall, the percentage of consumers who thought it was a good time to make a major purchase rose in February as the percentage of those who thought it was a bad time for major purchases fell.